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September 09 2011

Tires with the Smartguard layer have relatively high rolling resistance and are heavy for their size, so you won't be winning any races with these, unless the race is being held on a road paved with roofing nails, in which case you'll win by a country mile
Schwalbe tires from Peter White Cycles

July 07 2011


July 03 2011

It might have been that I was too tired for the late screening, but I remember Attenberg (which I saw as part of Programmkino) to be a very boring movie at which I almost fell asleep :-)

June 16 2011

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from Buffy, S05E15
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May 08 2011


April 14 2011

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this way @metalab :D
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April 09 2011

Degrees, our small weather client for the OS X menu bar has hit the Mac App Store today

March 18 2011


March 11 2011

One of my previous bosses used to look at pile of CVs, pick up half of it at random, and stick in the bin, saying "I don't want to work with unlucky people"
— via 9GAG
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February 26 2011

F.M. Esfandiary changed his name to FM-2030 for two main reasons. Firstly, to reflect the hope and belief that he would live to celebrate his 100th birthday in 2030; secondly, and more importantly, to break free of the widespread practice of naming conventions that he saw as rooted in a collectivist mentality, and existing only as a relic of humankind's tribalistic past
Wikipedia article

February 17 2011

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"In Desert Bus, the most notorious of the mini-games, players drive a tour bus on a mind-numbing eight-hour trip from Tucson to Las Vegas. Driving off-road gets you towed back to Tucson in real-time, making it difficult to cheat. And if you manage to complete the trip, you get one point" — Metagames: Games About Games
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December 21 2010

Bereits in den 50er Jahren haben Gustafsson et al. herausgefunden, daß für die Entstehung von Karies nicht die Absolutmenge verzehrter Süßwaren entscheidend ist, sondern ihre Klebrigkeit und die Häufigkeit der Aufnahme. Der Genuß von täglich 24 klebrigen Toffees über den ganzen Tag verteilt verursachte etwa zehnmal soviel Karies wie der Verzehr der entsprechenden Menge Zucker auf einen Schlag
Zimmer, Stefan: Kariesprophylaxe als multifaktorielle Präventionsstrategie
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December 20 2010

early morning hacking
look! esad and c3o! at 5:30am!
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November 28 2010

He handles those transactions like a Boy Scout because Amazon doesn’t mess around, he says — the company just kicks you off its site if you infuriate customers
— Why amazon rules (via NY Times: A Bully Finds a Pulpit on the Web)
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November 08 2010

How real should real be? Excellent article by Aaron Weyenberg on skeuomorphic UI design. Btw. did you know that brown cork-pattern on cigarette tips is a holdover from the days when cork was used as a filter?
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I've been in Visoko few times, but I never knew this small bosnian town was hiding this architectural gem. Sherefudin's White Mosque was built in 1980 (while Bosnia was still part of Communist Yugoslavia) and it strikes me how daringly modern it is, while staying mystic, unpretentious and modest at the same time. A perfect reflection of how Islam in Bosnia once was.
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October 28 2010

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Come Home by Amela Duheric
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October 25 2010

Die meisten Aldi-Verpackungen besitzen daher den EAN-Strichcode auf mindestens drei Seiten, als lange Streifen oder gar als Banderole um die ganze Verpackung herum, wohingegen die Markenprodukte in anderen Supermärkten einen genormten kleineren Strichcode an nur einer Stelle besitzen. Die Kassierer müssen daher Aldi-Artikel viel seltener drehen und wenden, um sie vom Scanner zu erfassen, was zu einem deutlich effizienteren Kassiervorgang führt.
— That's why checkouts at Hofer are so fast
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September 09 2010


September 08 2010

K Foundation Burn a Million Quid was an art action in 1994 in which members of the K Foundation physically burned 1 million pounds. I guess that makes it one of most expensive art performances ever :)
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